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If you're looking for speed Internet access, you are at the right place. Alliance Broadband has been a leader in high-speed Internet for well over a decade. Explore your internet connection’s full potential with us and enjoy complete home and business solution
The online experience gets a whole lot better with Alliance Broadband.

BROADBAND Internet Connection

With wide array of packages, you'll get the speeds and control you need to enjoy the ultimate Broadband experience. Reliably fast Internet is provided for you - you can choose a speed to fit your lifestyle, whether you're browsing the Web or streaming popular movies and shows.
You'll also get the best advantage on selected packages when you choose bundled offer which comes with subscription to popular additional entertainment services like ZEE5, HoiChoi, Sony LIV, AddaTimes and Hungama. And you won't need to spend extra money subscribing to those on-demand video streaming platforms.

LEASE LINE Internet Connection

Internet Lease Line is the latest and fastest mode of connection to the Internet. Internet has changed the world of communication. Lease Line is the fastest mode of connection to the Internet World. With a high speed connection, there is a lot which can be done on the internet, which can never be accomplished by using an ordinary Domestic Broadband connection; viz. high speed data transfer, voice & video. This kind of connectivity specially designed for the Corporate, BPO and Call Centres.

Peering Cloud

A peer-to-peer network is a distributed network , when created individual nodes in the network act as both servers and clients of resources. This is such kind of Networks in which all computers have equal status are called peer-to-peer or P2P networks. As in P2P networks, clients provide resources as well as using them, the content serving capacity of peer-to-peer networks can actually increase as more users begin to access the content , which emphasizes process content delivery ,because it makes the setup and running costs very small for the original content distributor.
Alliance Broadband’s unique and wise manner of using P2P extracts maximum benefit for a broadband user do download a large amount of data in very small time.


VoIP technology is gaining ground in IT, ITES and other service industries as a cost-effective means of provisioning additional, enhanced services unsupported by traditional circuit-switched technology.We have designed this service to provide a range of hosting options and building blocks. With this product, the basic to complex Internet application and site development tasks can be done with a very sophisticated manner.
VoIP system encodes voice, audio, video through audio codecs and video codecs to transport streams over IP networks using special media delivery protocols. Alliance’s complete VoIP solutions integrate both technical and business solution. Our experts give you permanent fix for all Voice problem by skillfully using Various codecs that optimize the media stream based on application requirements and network bandwidth.


Alliance Broadband provides Minutes for best carrier to ensure most reliable voice traffic and most reasonable price in the city, with which your voice based remote business remains without trouble or complain. We engage our core support team for continuous checking of QoS which let you not to worry about voice quality and to concentrate on your business growth.

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